Welcome to the Free Heart Revolution!


This is the place to be to break free of limitations that hold you back.

To give up playing small and step into your power as master of your universe.

You deserve to live truly free, busting out of the prison of the mind, embracing yourself wholeheartedly to live blissfully in the NOW. 100% true to who you are, not a watered down version.

Are You Ready to Rise, Beautiful?


I’m Rosina and I bring years of training in personal development, the Mystery School and the Tao Tantric Arts to facilitate true Freedom, Connection and Bliss.

I’m an all tea-drinking, dancing, travelling Free Heart who loves talking to strangers on trains. I’m often swaying my hips at bus stops, playing on swings and floating in mama ocean. Freedom is so important to me as it’s not something I’ve always had. Find out more about me here.

Join me in the Free Heart Revolution and surrender to the magic that you are.

What If You Could Create Any Kind of Life You Wanted?

From quitting your job, to travelling the world, and even starting your own business.

What if you could let go of your past and write a new story of you?

Rediscovering your passion for life and tapping into your heart’s desires.

Loving and accepting yourself unconditionally.

Letting go of excuses and breaking free of the cage that imprisons you.

Free to be YOU without apology.

Not someone who gives up on their dreams to make someone else’s come true.

Because life’s too short not to follow your heart.

And live the life you’re meant to.

It’s time to let go of limitations, anxiety and excuses and reclaim your power by getting behind the steering wheel of your life.

Let me show you how.

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"I found myself having this incredible playful urge to paint my nails in all the colours of the rainbow AND I didn’t judge or stop myself from doing so. I immediately sent Rosina a picture of my fabulous nails cause I know it’s her who gave me that final little push to be myself and bring back the colour to my life. Her warm and insightful guidance helped me come closer to the person I once was and that I lost along the way. I rediscovered my inner child and made a lot of progress dealing with some of the things that happened to me. Most importantly, I dare to be me and it’s awesome! Thanks Rosina!"

Jasmine, Amsterdam 2nd March 2016


The Spiritual Chill Pill


Do you feel stressed out, anxious and have negative thoughts rattling around your head 24/7? 

Ever feel like taking a chill pill when life gets tough? Like when you’re stuck at work with mountains of paperwork. Or when your kids are screaming around you when all you want to do is take a long hot bath? Perhaps even when your heart jumps in your throat on a bumpy flight?

What if you could activate the chill, without actually taking a pill?


The first step to true freedom, connection and bliss is to feel at home in your body and in this moment, however it is. We all have ups and downs in our lives. We all have thoughts, fears and anxiety that can hold us back. I want to make it easier for you to let go of these limitations to open up to life and allow its magic to unfold.

If you want to tap into limitless streams of freedom, connection and bliss, live in a state of trust and ease, and reclaim your power from all the stress and anxiety that drains the life and fun right out of you, then you want to get your hands on the Spiritual Chill Pill!

What Is It?

The Spiritual Chill Pill is a range of guided meditations, simple techniques, plus exercises and worksheets that’ll help you relax, calm your nerves and shake off stress and anxiety in your daily life. Not so much a pill than a way of life! What’s not to love?

WARNING! Side Effects May Include:


♥ Letting go of negative beliefs and patterns

♥ Shaking off any stress, anxiety & calm your nerves

♥ Being present, here and now, relaxing into life

♥ Reconnecting with yourself and your body

♥ Balancing your emotions

♥ Getting a natural high

♥ You may want to quit your job to travel the world as a nomad and start your own business. Just saying.