Free Heart Sanctuary

Welcome to the Free Heart Sanctuary!


I’m Rosina, a Heart-Centered Freedom Coach empowering souls to live a life beyond limits of the mind and body.

I’d love to be of service to you!

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"I found myself having this incredible playful urge to paint my nails in all the colours of the rainbow AND I didn’t judge or stop myself from doing so. I immediately sent Rosina a picture of my fabulous nails cause I know it’s her who gave me that final little push to be myself and

Jasmine, Amsterdam 2nd March 2016

In the Free Heart Sanctuary I offer tools that’ll allow you to step into your power as an infinite being.

Living from the heart and not the head. Free from your past and thoughts that keep you playing small.

I’ll guide you in a safe space to reconnect with yourself and your body and live the beauty and magic that you are.

I’m here to hold space for you and provide you with tools that’ll support your journey to being true to yourself, putting yourself first, and waking up to a life you feel blessed to have.

What Is The Free Heart Sanctuary?


The Free Heart Sanctuary is a 3-month online journey focused on:

♥Mindset Magic

♥Self-Love Healing

♥Creative Birth

I provide fun and practical tools so you can break free of the mind and body prison, reconnect with yourself with love and acceptance, and create a life of freedom, connection and bliss you truly love.

You’ll have access to weekly live online gatherings where we’ll “meet” to dive deeper with a group of conscious women.

I’ll hold space and guide meditations and rituals, offer fun exercises and heartwork to facilitate your journey.

You’ll also receive monthly video trainings for each module. Plus lots of juicy bonuses along the way.

Here’s What’s Covered


Month 1: Mindset Magic


♥Releasing mental blocks

♥Letting go of what doesn’t serve you

♥Escaping the prison of the mind

♥Reprogramming and controlling the monkey mind

♥Gaining mental freedom

Month 2: Self-Love Healing


♥Connecting with the body

♥Healing the divide within the self

♥Feeling $1 million in your skin

♥Falling in self-love

♥Gaining physical connection

♥Emotional balancing

♥Activating bliss

Month 3: Creative Birth


♥Inviting in what we truly desire

♥Using creative energy to give birth

♥Manifesting a life you love

♥Learning practical magic

♥Writing a new story of you

Who Is The Free Heart Sanctuary For?


The Free Heart Sanctuary is for you if:

♥You’re hungry to reconnect with yourself and fall in self-love with the one most important person in your life. I’m talking about YOU, honey!

♥You find yourself constantly giving to others and putting their needs and wishes above your own.

♥You’re busting to break free from your mind and not let limiting thoughts get in the way of you becoming the greatest version of yourself.

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