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"Rosina is so far the best professional coach I've had. I met with her several times and throughout our consultation period, she brought light into my heart, structure into my brain and a smile onto my lips. She has a real outside-of-the-box way of guidance. I would leave feeling her warm, positive energy and was so happy to see myself grow each week following our sessions.

Rosina has really helped me stand in my power and make some transformational changes in my life. I'm more grounded, closer to myself and I've taken many steps to get things done in my life. I've even found my sexual power, reconnecting with my body through my love of dancing! Thank you Rosina for coming into my life and helping me reconnect with my heart!"

Deborah, Amsterdam 2nd March 2016

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"I found myself having this incredible playful urge to paint my nails in all the colours of the rainbow AND I didn’t judge or stop myself from doing so. I immediately sent Rosina a picture of my fabulous nails cause I know it’s her who gave me that final little push to be myself and bring back the colour to my life. Her warm and insightful guidance helped me come closer to the person I once was and that I lost along the way. I rediscovered my inner child and made a lot of progress dealing with some of the things that happened to me. Most importantly, I dare to be me and it’s awesome! Thanks Rosina!"

Jasmine, Amsterdam 2nd March 2016

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"I've had many sessions with Rosina and it's been an extraordinary journey. When I first started seeing Rosina, I was very insecure about my skin condition which I have hidden away from the world this past 20 years. Now I don't cover them at all and see myself as a special person. I feel more positive everyday and am able to accept myself as I am. I have more connection with the world's beauty and also appreciate my inner Goddess. Thank you so much Rosina for helping me!"

Chandini, Amsterdam 2nd March 2016

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"I am thankful for the sessions I've had with Rosina. Her professional yet soft loving approach left me feeling peaceful and good in myself. She has many talents to share and her coaching is nurturing. Highly recommended. I especially enjoyed the visualizations.  Thank you, Rosina."

Izabela, Amsterdam 2nd March 2016

“My session with Rosina was enlightening and instructive! She was able to hone in on some of my key issues right away. This meant we were able to figure out several concrete solutions and action steps that I would be able to implement as quickly as the next day. I found Rosina to be grounded, positive, insightful and resourceful. It was a true pleasure working with her!”

Kirstin C. California, USA 13th May 2015

"This was my first life coaching session and I was not sure what to expect. We did our first session over Skype and it was wonderful! Rosina made me feel comfortable and at ease right away. It was like talking to a friend. She opened up a little about herself so I didn’t feel like I was under interrogation. She asked me to do some homework before our first session and her questions really got my mind thinking and heart yearning. First Rosina gets the conversation going then she dives into your homework. She immediately pointed out things about my list that made me feel like she has known me for years. Rosina helped me see an area in my life that I could bring attention to to enhance my life.  She then sent me a summary of our hour together by email and I have to truly say that I think about our coaching session everyday and it has helped me make slight changes that have had a major impact on my life. I would recommend a friend to see Rosina for a clear focus and outside view of their lives."

Christina Joy California, USA 13th May 2015

“Rosina is a truly inspiring soul. I felt that she connected with me and my concerns instantly and offered insights that have truly helped me organize my time so that I am a more present mother, more effective businesswoman and an all around more balanced person. Thanks Rosina!”

Ananda Finnikin Tennessee, USA 13th May 2015

"I am very grateful to have crossed paths with Rosina. She is a knowledgeable coach full of great spiritual and practical advice."

Denisse Amaro Amsterdam, the Netherlands 13th May 2015

"I recently had a chance to work with Rosina and it was such a joy. Her genuine and insightful nature helped me feel like I could open up and really share some things I've been struggling with recently. She gave me tools to make changes that I think can really make a difference."

Willo Radgens Michigan, USA 13th May 2015

"Having a coaching session with Rosina was really eye opening.  She helped me to get more clear on what it was that I wanted and gave me some steps to take in order to get there.  Talking with her made me realize that I'm definitely on my way, but there are a few things still holding me back.  Rosina gave me some helpful advice to use when those things come up and I'm excited to try them out.  For anyone looking for some guidance along their journey, definitely consider Rosina as a coach!"

Frannie Coggeshall New York, USA 13th May 2015

"It was great meeting Rosina. Her energy is really amazing and has caused a WOW feeling inside of me, which will last for a long long time! Thank you, Rosina!"

Kirsten Vegt The Netherlands 13th May 2015

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"My session with Rosina was particularly helpful to me as she is so open and positive that I immediately felt very comfortable in opening up about myself. During our conversation she quickly picked up on areas I have to work on as well as the things I want and like to do. I feel that this session was a very important step for me to take in order to rediscover myself and my passions.

Following our session I have taken her advice and have already started taking some classes, found a place where I can get certified, all which will help me with my career plans further on. Rosina, thank you for bringing to light  that I have lots of discovering to do. I could tell from the beginning you are a kind and giving person that enjoys your work and really wants to help the people around you!"

Adina Cernea Dubai, UAE 13th May 2015

"I love Rosina's energy and serenity! During my session with Rosina, she inspired me and gave me the energy to take care of myself and take control of my days and my life. I've already taken charge in different areas of my life, and it feels really good!"

Peggy Kornman Amsterdam, the Netherlands 13th May 2015

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  1. Hi there,

    How are you? Remember me?

    I lost your website URL so it was quite the search but here you are!

    Like I said before I wanted to formally invite you to Utrecht for a tour at the Excamedia gamestudio.

    So we can talk about the “art” for future events.

    I hope you’re still interested and maybe we can work things out

    Dwight Ligori
    3d artist

    1. Post

      Hey Dwight,

      Of course, I remember you! Thanks for finding me here.

      It would be great to come by for a tour and to see if we could work something out for the events.

      I’ll drop you an email.


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